O2COOL's Deluxe Necklace Fan


The O2COOL Personal Necklace fan is perfect for cooling on-the-go. The fan comes in a variety of colors to coordinate with your favorite work-out clothes or outfits.

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  O2COOL Deluxe Necklace Fan
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O2COOL's Deluxe Necklace Fan

O2COOL's Deluxe Necklace Fan

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O2COOL’s Personal fans are perfect for cooling on-the-go.  We offer a variety of products that provides a cool breeze and misting all in the palm of your hand as well as a necklace and clip fan for hands free cooling.  The fans can be carried in your purse or pocket. 

Features Include:

  • Powerful one speed motor with internal 2.5 inch fan blade.
  • Color coordinated break-away lanyard.
  • Compact design makes it great for travel; easy to carry and store.
  • Perfect for outdoor activities or indoors at a theatre, school or sporting event.
  • Uses 2 AA-Cell batteries (not included).

Product Specification:

  • Blade size: 2.5-inches
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Number and Type of Alkaline Batteries:  2 AA-Cell batteries
  • Product Dimensions (retail packaging):  1.2" x 3.4" x 6.0"

Product Care:

  • For best performance, always use fresh alkaline batteries. 
  • There is a risk of leakage from the batteries if they are installed incorrectly.  Please follow the instructions.
  • When storing the fan for more than 2 weeks, please remove the batteries and ensure fan is in the “off” position.
  • Clean only with a dry cloth.  Do not allow water to drip into the fan. 


  • If fan does not operate, verify that the batteries are installed correctly and that nothing is obstructing the fan blade.

Extra Information:

As A Necklace Fan

As a necklace, you can wear the fan around your neck and it will blow cool air straight across your chest and up your neck keeping you comfortably cool. As a battery operated pocket fan, this little fan is durable to stuff in you front or back pants pocket. And, if you do have a top shirt pocket, again it will blow cool air straight in your face.

As A Purse Fan

Once of the best features is that the blades of the fan are 100% concealed - This is for safety and portability. Sometimes called a lipstick fan, this allows for the fan to easily store in your purse for emergency hot flashes. Now-a-days, with our aging bodies battling and the extreme summer heat, we sometimes need an immediate quick cool down session.

As A Desk Fan

This little powerful fan can easily be used in your office workplace - where they sometimes don't allow fans and electronic devises to be plugged in the power strip or outlet. With only 2 AA batteries, only place this battery fan flat on your desk, shelf or books (point it in your direction) and you now have a quick desk fan. this is the most efficient and cost effective desk fan you can purchase

As A Battery Operated Pet Fan -"Doggy Nose" Safe

There are many advantages to using this fan as a pet fan. First off, there are no exposed bladed which makes it very pet safe. We call it "Doggy Nose" safe. You can easily just turn the fan "on" to eight high or low and lay it flat on the ground. Your pet will quickly find the cool blowing air and most likely throw it in park. This is a the perfect pet fan for cats and dogs when traveling on a car trip, or when in an animal show (where is gets extremely hot), or when your poor little guy has to spend time in a cage.

Either way you want to use the mast it will be the best and smart fan choice for thickly cooling down when on the road. Powered by (2) AA batteries and ultra light weight.

    • Necklace Fan Features:
    • Hangs around your neck or sets on your desk
  • Easily stores in your pock, desk or purse
  • Provides a very little direct comfortable breeze
  • Great for driving, office, event hot-flashes
  • Makes a great pet fan
  • "Doggy Nose" safe & friendly
  • Hands-free cooling - Vertical Airflow
  • Breakaway safety lanyard
  • Necklace Fan Colors (Green, Rashberry, Purple and Blue)
  • With a wrist strap for easy carry
  • Eco "BPA Free" plastic
  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries 


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O2COOL's Deluxe Necklace Fan
O2COOL's Deluxe Necklace Fan

The O2COOL Personal Necklace fan is perfect for cooling on-the-go. The fan comes in a variety of colors to coordinate with your favorite work-out clothes or outfits.

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