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Review By BENG,
Excellent customer service. Walked in almost lunch time and still get served. Shopkeeper was courteo ...
Review By Firdaus Aziz,
Firdaus Aziz
Bought Victorinox Hercules at the office. Very satisfied with my purchase. Was met with a very knowl ...
Review By jm,
Items delivered the next day of order. One part of the item was found missing and the part was immed ...

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O2COOL's Mist 'N Sip® drinking bottles add cool to hydration. Our patented misting feature provides a mist of water to cool you on the outside while you stay hydrated on the inside.

O2COOL Brings Innovation to Staying Cool

Founded in 1992 with the purpose of bringing portable cooling to the marketplace, O2COOL has developed many patented and proprietary products to keep you cool and looking good. We are the industry leader in battery-operated fans, misting fans and drinking bottles that can mist to cool you while you hydrate. Look for our products at your favorite retailer to stay cool wherever you go.

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